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Yorkies sometimes don't lose all their baby teeth. This is something that needs to be checked at about 7-9 months of age, right at the time when you would plan to spay or neuter your puppy. That way the vet can remove the baby teeth at the time your puppy is anesthetized for the spay neuter surgery.

If the baby teeth are not removed, they will crowd the puppy's mouth and form an excellent surface for placque and tooth decay. Periodontal disease can also lead to heart problems for your Yorkie.


Yorkie Puppies

Yorkies' teeth need to be cleaned occasionally. The process must be performed by a vet and can be both expensive and a health risk for small dogs. Always caution your vet to use only Isoflurane anesthesia for teeth cleaning.

You can greatly decrease the need for and frequency of these dental procedures by feeding your Yorkie only a high-grade kibble, avoiding any soft food, human food, or table scraps whatsoever.

Also provide your Yorkie with a constant stream of safe chew toys to help keep the placque and decay away. Brush your Yorkie's teeth at least once a week with a special toothbrush shaped like a finger cot and rinse with Nolvadent. For best results, every other month you may want to use a dental scraper. All these and more vet-approved dental care products may be purchased conveniently online from KV Vet Supply.

Again, this is a program that needs to be introduced to your puppy and carried out regularly from the moment you take it home. It might seem difficult at first, but your puppy will get used to it much more easily than trying to initiate dental care with an adult Yorkie who has never had its teeth brushed before!

When the time comes for professional dental care, please try to find a service that can clean your Yorkie's teeth without anesthesia, such as SmilePet or Gentle Dental.

Should you ever need or want to have your Yorkie's teeth cleaned under anesthesia, be sure to remember to ask the vet to use only Isoflurane gas anesthesia.

Yorkie Puppy

Yorky Puppy

Yorkshire Terrier

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